What’s in the Pipeline?

For whatever reason, my entrepreneurial pursuits took a back seat for the first half of this year. I was initially really inspired when working on the concept for the AT Thru-hike game in January, but things took a dive when I actually got into learning Ruby on Rails.

I never gave up the idea; I just didn’t advance it toward completion for a few months. I definitely kept up with Appalachian Trail news as a new wave of hikers set off – and read a lot of the question/advice/blogs that were posted in preparation for my own attempt next year.

For whatever reason, my motivation has clicked back on. I can’t really nail down the cause of these roller coasters, but it’s certainly an entertaining ride. And I did a ton of cool shit while I took a hiatus from building things on the web (sky diving! music festivals! 10k races!).

Project List

My project list has expanded from thinking about one particular project to thinking about several. Although these may not all come to fruition, I’ve been devoting some time to each of them, so it will be interesting to read this post in 6 months and see what I’ve accomplished compared to what I think I might do.

  1. College football ranking algorithmComplete.
  2. AT Thru-hike simple prototypeComplete (written in Ruby, text interface only, very simple).
  3. AT Thru-hike web prototype – Initial build phase. I’m still grasping at Rails, but the first version should be up in a couple weeks.
  4. College football predictive algorithm – Planning phase. I have some solid ideas and data sources…just need to nail down what I really hope to accomplish. With #3 out of the way, I would only expect the initial version to take up a single weekend.
  5. New project prototype – I’ll go into details later, but it would be a browser-based game where you manage an athletic department of a university…not as boring of a concept as it sounds here. This should build on my Ruby on Rails experience and the final launch would ideally be in the early off-season of college football…but continuous productivity would be required for that kind of deadline to be achieved.
  6. AT Thru-hike game launch – Actual launch and announcement to the world. Somewhere in late fall/winter would be ideal, but I’ll definitely need to brush up on my javascript knowledge and figure out how to make non-shitty graphics before it can actually launch.

And aside from all this crazy nonsense, I’m actually going on a week-long test hike on the AT next week! I’ll be hiking about 70 miles in 6 days and ending at my friend’s house in Maryland for a crazy weekend of college football. It should be an excellent test to see if I really want to spend such a big chunk of my life on the trail. If I can’t enjoy myself for 6 days, I sure as shit won’t be able to enjoy 6 months.

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