Too Many Goals, Too Little Time

Okay, so I fell off the wagon on my goal list. I’ve kept up some of them, but changing my habits around (read as ‘entire lifestyle’) was too dramatic to hang on to. I can definitely see the benefit of focusing on one thing at a time as I mentioned in my last post. So, what is my actual progress?

I’m soda and candy free. As much as I crave them (about twice per day), I have been able to hold off. It has been interesting in that it challenged me the way that going vegetarian did initially. For instance, I went into Burger King to grab a veggie burger on my lunch break and realized there wasn’t anything to drink other than water or pink lemonade, which I basically consider to be pink, non-carbonated soda. Water it is.

It’s amazing how ingrained some behaviors are and we’re not even aware of it.

My general cleanliness has improved, but I haven’t been anal about it. I think I can maintain the level that I’m at now while pursuing other goals without a problem. It’s not a focus, but rather something I just do because I naturally want to.

My dental care has been good, but not perfect. My general process now includes morning and nightly brushing with mouthwash always at night and sometimes in the morning. Breakfast really gets in the way of using mouthwash in the morning. I have a habit of grabbing a portable food and eating on the way to work. Since you aren’t supposed to eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing, breakfast and mouthwash directly compete so that is definitely a fight for another time. Flossing regularly will take it’s own thirty day challenge.

Exercise and a strict amount of work on my business have not gone well. I started fine, but quickly lost my motivation for these. Another difficulty was my increased level of sleepiness due to caffeine withdrawal. This was clearly a conflict of two different goals. I still have been doing both, but just having had the commitment that I intended.

I decided my television watching rule was a stupid idea in the first place. Watching TV for me is usually a result of no motivation to do other things or else a chance to unwind after ‘strenuous activities’ like work or exercise. Needless to say, I watched a lot more television than I wanted to when I set my goals.

So where does this leave me now?

Well, I’m going to keep the strict limit on sodas and candy. It is working and I think I’m handling it well. I would hate to give it up now. However, the rest of these goals I’m going to have to be a lot less strict about. I will still try to work toward them because they are all an aspect of my life that I want to improve.

I think that is the ticket for attacking multiple goal items at one time. You can really only go cold turkey on one item at a time. Improvement can still be made in other areas, but so much focus is required to change a behavior absolutely that tackling multiple goals at the same time is really difficult.

Posts coming soon: the business I’m building, quarter life crisis?, and creating a life list

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