Startup New Year’s Resolution – Now is the Time!

Most people review their yearly achievements on the last few days of December. Then with their newfound information, they draw up some plans for the new year. I’m not convinced this is the ideal setup.

I just finished reviewing all of my progress for the year. This gives me the rest of the month to draw up specific plans, in accordance with my overall strategies, that I can start to phase in before the beginning of next year.

There are 3 reasons for my early analysis:

  1. It gives me a lot of time for reflection and ideal goal setting.
  2. It allows me to hit the ground running to get started on next year’s goals.
  3. It allows me to take advantage of my New Year’s motivation and know exactly the road map I should be following.

Setting a goal for the year on the same day that you’re supposed to start working toward it doesn’t make much sense to me.


My (Entrepreneurship) Progress This Year

  • I brushed up on my Python and learned the Web2Py platform.
  • I designed, built, and launched Roster Brain.
  • I tested my new skills with a Weekend Web App project (which I subsequently shut down).
  • I drew up plans and began building a blog project which will launch in early 2013.
  • I updated Roster Brain with “automatic” database updating.
  • I designed the next phase for Roster Brain which will begin being built in 2013.
  • I recently completed a freelance website project for the first time in a few years (and it was refreshing).


Goals for 2013

I’m hesitant to lay out some of my goals specifically, although I’m not sure why. So forgive my vagueness since I gave into my hesitation.

  • Roster Brain – yearly page views 15x over 2012’s numbers
  • Launch new blog project – achieve 12,000 unique visitors

The Method

I’m going to dedicate an hour per weekday to the ongoing tasks for each Roster Brain and the new blog. This includes all of your typical tasks for website marketing and content…writing blog posts, guest posts, backlink articles, forum posts & interactions, etc.

This should remove these to-do items as obstacles and allow me to work on larger projects to improve the sites while they simultaneously grow…hopefully!

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  1. Ha, I just had the same thought… in fact I just put on my whiteboard “2013 goals” just now.

    Good to see you active again.