Settling into a New Job (and New City)!

Well, in full recovery from my entrepreneurship experience, I’m back on the list of the gainfully employed. I really like my new job as it seems like a great fit with a lot of interesting things going on. I’m positive that I’ll learn a lot and it’s a great step in the direction I want my corporate career to go.

Where’d I go?

Well, I took a job with a company in Richmond, VA, but I’d rather not disclose the company–who knows what complications could arise if I did, and I really see no need. So far, Richmond is a pretty cool city with a lot going on (despite what the locals might think). I’ve been exploring all the hotspots and have been excited to see so many people near my own age…Blacksburg was getting to be a bit young for me, as crazy as that sounds.

Am I done with entrepreneurship?

No, but definitely for a little while. I’m sure I’ll still tinker with my own side projects (as I have one on my mind even now), but I have no foreseeable plans for full-time entrepreneurship. I’m honestly quite excited to settle back into a ‘normal’ job setting. It provides a lot of stability and will let my mind roam free for awhile.


  1. Glad you posted the update Brad! I was just wondering the other day what you were up to and if you were still in Blacksburg. I’m likely going to be down your way at some point this fall, I’ll keep you posted and maybe we can grab lunch or a drink.

  2. Congrats Brad! Although I’m out of the full time corporate world, I definitely learned a lot from the experience (and it allowed me to build up a nice cushion). I’m sure you will too!