Rocky 3 is a Movie About Internet Startups

I know it sounds ridiculous. Bear with me for a moment.

Rocky is the big institution in a market. He holds the heavyweight title. Since he already owns his industry, he becomes content in his position. He’s resistant to change and assumes he’s good enough to beat anyone – so he doesn’t concern himself with startup boxers. No need to bother with innovation because he’s already in control.

Glubber Lang is a startup. He’s hungry; he’s fast; he’s agile; he’s kind of a dick; he has a different take on the market. He destroys Rocky in a fight that Rocky didn’t even bother training for seriously.

The beatdown makes Rocky realize he’s lost his edge (thanks to outside consultant Apollo Creed). He then changes his training strategy to be better equipped for the next fight. He maneuvers his position so that Glubber Lang doesn’t have such a huge advantage and effectively bumps Glubber out of the market.

If this isn’t an exact reflection of the internet startup world, then I’m just crazy (also plausible).

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