Operation: Make Bank Bro

Google dropped most of my rankings for my sites at the end of October. I’m not sure what the problem is or if there is one at all. G is known to toss their search engine rankings around, but this seems slightly more extreme than a standard shuffle. Either I’m in some sort of Google sandbox (which I don’t really believe in) or some part of my sites qualified for a different part of the ranking algorithm. I’m taking steps to try to figure out the problem, but in the mean time I have a bit of an issue. No rankings mean less traffic, which means less money.

I still believe in the business model and long term I’m sure everything will be fine as I continue to build my sites to be bigger and more authoritative. However, in the short term I’m living primarily on savings, which needs to change. I knew the day would come when I would have to start figuring out how to get some extra cash. I now know that the day is today (I’m not out of money, but the pot just isn’t full anymore).

If anybody is resourceful, I am. I now have a pile of valuable stuff I don’t want or need that I’m going to sell on ebay. I have two old laptops I’m going to part and sell. The combined value of this stuff is probably enough to cover my living expenses for an entire month.

I’m going to start doing some freelance writing. I have accounts with several websites already that allow me to choose the jobs I want to work on and complete them without the hassle of a bidding process at a big freelance board. I may eventually turn to the big freelance sites, but for now they require too much unpaid time to find the jobs.

I will probably also start doing some freelance web work in limited amounts.

As I hinted at above, this is all part of my long term plan. I’m not panicking and running out and applying for jobs on Monster; I’m just going to do a little extra work to make some cash that will allow my savings to last longer.

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