My Side Business and Massive Action August

Until now, I’ve been pretty quiet about what type of business I’m actually working on. Partly because it’s a tiered model of attack (and therefore can sound quite lame if I explain it wrong), but also because I’ve been too busy to really draw it out.

I mentioned back in April, that I made just over $14 that month. Well, I’m really excited because this month I will end up right near $50. I always said that if I could make $1 online, then I could make $10. And if I could make $10, then I could make $100. What’s really cool is that it is proving to be true.

So what am I actually doing? Building websites and ranking them using search engine optimization. I signed up for The Keyword Academy in the middle of March and have been steadily plugging away ever since. TKA is basically a membership site that breaks down all of the internet marketing clutter online and delivers to the point guidance and advice on how to rank a website.

They’re not made for Adsense sites though, as the goal is to add quality to the search results through information. Although it is recommended to monetize with Adsense, there are a bunch of ways to make money without it once you get traffic to your site.

Unfortunately, it is a front end loaded model. You have to put in a bunch of work at the beginning to get a site ranked. Once it is ranked, however, it is much easier to keep it there. This makes the beginning stages a bit of a struggle and causes a lot of people to quit. The people who succeed are those who revel in the little victories and push through until they’re past the initial undertaking. I fully intend to be one of the successful folks.

Although I have been seeing good results from what I’ve been doing, I need to step it up a notch. I know I will be even more motivated when I start to see bigger numbers, so I’m going to force the issue. The founders of TKA always say that the best way to move forward is with massive, reckless action. I’ve read a lot of threads on their forums from advanced members taking massive, reckless action and seeing amazing results.

August is my reckless and massive action month. In addition to my current link building campaigns for my current sites, I’m going to setup 30 new niche sites. I picked out my niches with a detailed selection process and purchased my new domains accordingly. I’m amped up and ready to go.

This will be quite a task, but I’m not giving myself the option to fail. After all, you’ll never steal second with your foot on first.

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