Lessons Learned From My First Entrepreneurship Encounter

I’ve been attempting to write a post about the things I learned during my recent experience with starting a business, but found I could only get about halfway through a post. So, I decided to take a different angle on it. Below are some lists of things I’ve realized in the last month or so, reflecting on my experience and the things that went right or wrong.

Things to Do Better Next Time
1.    Think bigger
2.    More realistic worst case scenario
3.    Put eggs in different baskets

Things I Learned About Myself

1.    I need forced structure in life
2.    I enjoy being around people
3.    I place more value in financial stability than I realized

Things I’m Good At
1.    Developing and analyzing strategies
2.    Thinking of creative ideas and solutions
3.    Juggling a lot of tasks at the same time

Things I Presently Struggle With

1.    Holding myself accountable
2.    Social anxiety
3.    Focusing on a single task for a long period of time

What does all this add up to? Well, it is certainly good to have some things written out that I need to work on. I can also use it as a guide to help plan out my next big adventure (whenever that may be).

The ultimate lesson learned is that I’m happier when I’m employed. The 8 to 5 job certainly has its negatives (like cubicles….eww), but for me personally, I think a good job would be a better situation. It provides built in structure and accountability while also adding financial stability to your life (usually).

I’m still glad that I gave this a shot early on in my career because these were immense lessons to learn. Hopefully I can find a job in the near future that allows me to put the strengths of my mind to work, but I’ll definitely keep working on business ideas on the side no matter where my career takes me.


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