Fear of Failure and Launching Anyway

My new web project is nearly complete and scheduled for launch on Tuesday, March 27. I now have a less-than-embarrassing splash page up, so I’m happy to tell you the new project is a sports trivia site called Roster Brain.

While I’m excited to show it to the world, I’m simultaneously terrified that the world won’t care. The first few visitors will think it’s a bad idea and I’ll never reach the audience I’m shooting for. Or perhaps my friends will like it but it never gets passed on outside my social circle. All my effort will be wasted.

Of course these fears are quite ridiculous, but they exist nonetheless. I’ve been having these thoughts daily for about the last week. The key has been to acknowledge each thought, briefly analyze it, and then move on – much like meditation.

Part of the reason I can easily put away these thoughts is that I never anticipated making any serious money from the website, even though I think it’s a good idea. There are too many factors involved to weigh success on the amount of money made. I’ve intentionally set my expectations low so that I can’t possibly be very disappointed.

That said; I really want the site to succeed. I think the concept is great and completely destroys all of the similar sports trivia concepts that exist now, even in the current lean state. The trouble with this, and where the fear stems from, is that the success or failure is entirely dependent on me. If the site never gets traffic or recognition, it’s because I didn’t promote it correctly…and that is a difficult thing to deal with.

The best part is that none of these fears really matter because I’ve already made the site. I was able to implement all of the features I was shooting for and put a wicked skin on the site. Since there isn’t really anything left to do, my fears can’t incapacitate me. I’ve done too much work not to launch it. The momentum that I’ve built up over the last two months or so is enough to push me to launch anyway.

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  1. Looks good! Good luck Brad!